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2. Live Performance Video

Thomas’ live performance consists of an acoustic guitar and vocals.

  • Settime: 45 minutes maximum consisting of original material.
  • Amplification: By venue or festival.
  • Covers: maximum of 2.

Live video

3. Experience

Thomas has performed as a guitarist and vocalist over 400 times between 2013 and 2017. In 2018 he put this experience into his own shows and started performing at various festivals and venues. Most notably Pop on Top. 

In 2020 he  is expanding and playing more livestreams amidst the corona pandemic. 

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6. About

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Thomas wants to portray life through his lyrics and music in a truthful way with a sense of hope, making you feel understood is his goal in life & music.

 His style moves between pop, singer-songwriter and EDM inspired sounds. His hometown, Maastricht, is a university town with a multicultural feel. 

The town is culturally and architecturally diverse from the beautiful old fortress to modern museums. It was Thomas’ 10 day visit to New York, USA, that inspired him to begin writing lyrics and singing more seriously. 

Since then he has been working to write and perform his own music. 

His inspiration in the music world is American singer-songwriter John Mayer because of his sound and authentic approach to music. 

He also likes Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses, Mark Knopfler, The Script, Don Henley of the Eagles, George Michael, and Colton Avery Thomas is drawn to strong male vocals and soulful lyrics. 

In January of 2018 Thomas debuted his first single I’m Gone and has been working on expanding his catalogue ever since with songs like: 

In 2020 Thomas has released the following tracks:

To close out this chapter Thomas has released the ‘Remix Session #1‘ EP featuring remixes by YIQI, Nick Double and Lennard Elliot of  I Wish (That I Could Show You), Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair and Not Our Fault respectively.


Feel free to download anything you need for promotional purposes relating to Thomas Geelens and his music. 

You can download the images at high resolution by clicking the link below.

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